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Investment Process

Ballast Advisors ResearchDetermining sound assets is something that requires an experienced hand, one that understands market trends and projections; then meters them with reality. This form of in-depth research is what allows our clients to prosper through the utilization of our 150 years’ worth of combined fiscal experience.

Because each client has, and should have, individual fiscal goals; it is necessary for us to be sure that we have a thoroughly vetted platform of assets. Properly evaluated assets can help our clients to achieve their fiscal stability, regardless of whether they’re wanting aggressive or non-aggressive investments.

Our investment committee selects assets through a rigorous, unbiased evaluation and screening process.  To maintain a broadly diverse portfolio, we select assets and products from across all asset classes, including global and domestic equities, taxable and non-taxable fixed income and a variety of alternative investments. This approach to portfolio management provides each client with an investment strategy tailored to their individual financial objectives and risk tolerance.