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You might look at this as an odd question to ask but the premise is quite valid and is as profound as the answer… “We serve you”. So many financial planning institutions today utilize a set structure with no flexibility for the individual need; therefore, creating a limited vision for success.  This self-serving approach may give the financial planning institution a reputation that looks good on paper, but it fails to provide for the individuality that is necessary to build long-term relationships between the financial advisor and you.

Our focus is on you:

  • Individuals in or near Retirement – As you think about retiring, what dreams do you have in mind?  Are there activities you want to make sure you are able to afford each year?  How about work around the house you no longer want to do?  We draw on the extensive experience of our financial advisors to help create a clear, actionable road map in planning your retirement.

  • Multi-generational Families – Building, preserving, and effectively transferring wealth over multiple generations requires more than just wise investing. Our advisors possess the necessary experience and specialized technical skills to help you navigate the intricate issues and challenges faced by high net worth families. Your strategies need to complement your family’s unique values and goals. We synchronize all the complexities of family wealth management to plan for the near term as well as generations to come.

  • Corporate Executives – Because executive compensation packages can be complex, our  over 150 years worth of combined experience in financial planning can help streamline our analysis. We provide detailed advice on Executive Compensation including:

    • Stock options
    • Deferred Compensation
    • Restricted stock
    • Key man benefits
    • Bonus compensation